Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Religion Has Been A Bad Boy And Had To Be Expelled From Public School

Yes I say Boy because religion was kind of being macho and aggressive. He kept trying to dominate with one point of view or another and not letting other points of view be heard in the class. He kept fighting others because he said, "there's only one way." Didn't listen to others.

So the teacher finally had to expel him.

It's not that religion can't go to school. If he behaved, he'd be okay. Many of our country's founding fathers (and mothers) were deeply religious, but many of them were too pushy about their diverging points of view. They basically had to kick religion out of school. There were so many different kinds of founding folks that they had to agree on a truce. They had to not let any one religious view try and take over the school.

Sometimes it was an uncomfortable truce, but they had little choice. They didn't want the school torn up with fighting kids.

Today the teacher says religion might be able to come back, but he has to learn to be multi-cultural. He might be allowed to come back if he is willing to take a class on "comparative religions." He has to learn that his many differing points of view are basically all okay. Even lack of a religious point of view is okay.

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