Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Should Rumsfeld Resign? Actually, Iraq is Congress' War

Rumsfeld is just a figurehead. I actually find some of the things he has said in press conferences to be candid and insightful. Rumsfeld's resignation wouldn't change the policy on the Iraq War. That policy is set by Congress and President Bush.

Maybe they could find a better strategist than Rumsfeld. Basically someone with a magic plan for winning the war, if such a plan were possible. Maybe Rumsfeld isn't the best, but it is possible that he is just a "fall guy." Fretting over whether he should resign, or not, could be just a waste of mental energy; something to occupy talk show hosts and letters to the editor while distracting from deeper issues.

Looking deeper, it is possible that the Iraq War is not a viable strategy.

It does look like another Vietnam War.

How did the Vietnam War finally end?

There are many perspectives, but I think it was Congress that finally pulled the plug on that war.


Congress repealed the Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution, in 1971 starting us down the path of troop withdrawal. War powers act of 1973 limited Nixon's power to keep US troops in the war still farther. Congress may have pulled the final plug in 1974 Foreign Assistance Act.

When the money flow was stopped, the war was basically ended.

In November of 2006 there is the opportunity to change much of Congress. Bring in a lot more Democrats and new perspectives.

Changing Congress might even have more effect than a new President.

I see many "Impeach Bush" signs, but hardly anyone is talking about the November 2006 Congressional election.

Congress may still be where the power is, if it chooses to use that power.

Then there are folks who say we must stay in Iraq, like they said we must stay in Vietnam. Give it a chance?

There may be some validity to those fears as well. I just want to say that to hedge my bets.

It does look like the American people are starting to turn against the Iraq War. If that's the case, this November could be a pivotal election. Congress can set policy on the Iraq War if it so chooses. 2006 may be a banner year for Democrats.

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