Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Picture of Farmer's Market Structure in Bellingham, WA.

Last Saturday was the first day with booths under the main canopy. Some of the steel came from old Highway 99 bridge across the Skagit River. When the old bridge was torn down, steel was recycled.

I went to the Farmer's market to join Mount Baker Bike Club's annual "Ride With Your Politician" event. That is where they invite local politicians to go on a bike ride. They check out the good things and bad things about riding around town from the standpoint of a bicyclist.

Last year, several politicians showed up, but only one made it this year. Others, who are regulars, had "out of town" engagements.

Soon after the ride, I had an out of town engagement also. I rode my bike 8 miles out into the county to "Salon Q." That's a discussion group which meets in someone's living room. Discusses gay and trans-gender issues.

Then it was a bike trip back into town for a dinner and dancing with "Bellingham Leathermen." I'm not really into leather, I'm more into spandex, but the Leathermen were fun to spend time with. A few folks came down from Vancouver, BC. and up from Seattle, WA. to join the Bellingham gathering.

It was a very social day for me. More interesting things going on in this great city than usual.

Next day, I realized I had left my jacket out at Salon Q so I went on another bike ride to retrieve it. Made that into a loop in Whatcom County. Much of the loop was along Smith Road.

Both days were spectacularly sunny and Mount Baker was very clear out in the county. Summer's haze and auto exhaust hasn't had time to build up yet.

On June 4th, the Farmer's Market will see "Fourth Corner Pride Festival." Pride Festival is the closest thing that Bellingham has to a gay pride event. Rather than a march, it's a festival where many organizations have booths. Festival is jointly sponsored by organizations such as the Evergreen Aids Foundation, P-FLag and the Pride Foundation.


SgtMajor said...

well nice pic and original story
hope the celebration went well
i like cycling too
i like the wind

buff said...

Sounds like you had an absolutely super weekend. We leathermen are a nuturing, welcoming kind. Glad you enjoyed. THanks for sharing. Big hairy muscle Gay Pride hugs.