Thursday, May 18, 2006

Under the futuristic Skytrain into Vancouver, BC.


An abandoned shopping cart. Futuristic, or down to earth. Image taken near Scott Road in Surrey.

Just one image I saw as most people blast by in their cars. Several weeks ago, I did a combination bike, bus and Skytrain trip to Vancouver, BC from Bellingham.

"Transportation diversity."

It was a good trip. Spent a night in the YMCA Hotel on Burrard St. Enjoyed dancing that night in Vancouver's gay scene and came back to Bellingham next day.

Trip included bicycling from Bellingham to Whiterock, BC. then taking the 351 bus to downtown Vancouver, from Whiterock. Coming back I rode the Skytrain with my bike to Surrey, BC. Then bicycled to Blaine, WA. and picked up a WTA bus to Bellingham.

The future is emerging. Remember Bike To Work and School Day May 19.

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