Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Star Spangled Banner in Spanish

Teach an old dog new tricks.

Okay with me, but a friend pointed out. "We now have to learn more than one language to get a job."

Being bilingual gives one a "leg up" on a resume in our increasingly multi-cultural society. This is true especially for work that involves public relations, such as being a receptionist, teacher, working in a medical office.

With so much of the public speaking Spanish, employers are looking for bilingual skills when filling positions that deal with the public. Many are having to learn more than one language to compete.

It's another requirement, another hassle, or some might say another opportunity, challenge.

In places like Europe, I hear people often speak several languages. They say we have been spoiled, here in America, with a large country speaking mostly one language. Imagine living in Luxemburg with French, Dutch, German, English all around you.

I've often wondered how people speaking several tongues can keep them all separated.

Part of the problem is the competitive nature of our job market.

On a similar note, there are the horror stories of foreign whizzes in math, engineering, you name it, who can run circles around American students. They can be overseas, or immigrate here. We are either hit with out-sourcing or other applicants waiting in line.

If we don't buckle down and go back to school, work and study all night, we slip behind.

They say, "pay more taxes for American education." Keeping up with the foreigners and the Jones'

More, more, faster, faster, move it, move it.

Not to mention rising housing / health care costs in our modern and more crowded world.

No time for sleep or contemplation.

All this just as the post war baby boom reaches retirement age. Getting ready to put one's feet up and relax a bit.

There's a silver lining. Those industrious illegal immigrants might get some sort of amnesty, so they can start paying Social Security taxes. Then post war baby boomers can retire.

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