Saturday, June 03, 2006

Better to have Bush speak out against gay marriage while he is low in the polls

He could do a lot of damage if he were high in the polls. Bush's low approval rating can help pull down the fortunes of "Focus On The Family" type groups that oppose alternative lifestyles.

My poem.

Religious intransigence. Intransigence almost sounds like insurgency. "Islamic fundamentalist insurgents." "American way" intransigent platforms.

Battle between "closed minded" minds.

Having to keep order with the barrel of a gun.

Policing the world, rising deficits, overpopulation, greenhouse gases, too much "hot air."

It isn't working very well, or at least so say the polls.

The world is hard to manage, especially the intrasigent, insurgent, fundamentalist sides of the world.

Our President on a rough ride.

We need more "alternative lifestyles." Innovate cause there's got to be better ways.

When a sinking ship speaks out against gay rights, hopefully folks of common sense will swim away. Hopefully folks can swim to new paradigms.

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Anonymous said...

“51 percent of Americans disapprove of gay marriage, but 70 percent
disapprove of the president, so gay marriage is actually more popular than Bush."
-- Jay Leno