Thursday, June 01, 2006

Good News From Mexico

There was an interesting segment on today's "Day To Day" show on National Public Radio. Segment titled "Rising Feminist Voice in Mexican Politics." It is about the candidacy of Patricia Mercado. She is running for President of Mexico. She may not be among the top two candidates, but her vision is the beginnings of a new vision in Mexican politics. Supports feminist issues, gay marriage and so forth. New perspectives, rather than the tired old left or right.

I find this interesting as things in Mexico, such as population growth and economics, effects us here in the USA. Population growth especially. These things effect us via immigration. Newer thinking about human sexuality is needed.

Show is archived on the NPR web site. Go to "Programs" and find "Day To Day" Then visit June 1 show for audio.

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Anonymous said...

I am afraid she is a spoiler that would take votes away from another candidate who has similar views, but has more of a chance to win.