Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Al Gore's Big House

Or houses?

Media has had news about the allegedly "global warming" utility bills for Al Gore's residences; the preacher against global warming.

I saw his movie, "Inconvenient Truth." It's one of the few movies I have seen since I am not one for Hollywood, celebrities and their big houses.

I liked the movie.

Yes, the message is important, we do need to address global warming. My main complaint about the movie was not seeing bicycles. I don't think he mentioned bicycles. One can walk away knowing we have a global warming problem while feeling helpless about solutions.

Yes, celebrities, politicians and so forth live in big houses all too often. Would you listen to some cleaning lady, or janitor, like me?

Not long ago, I heard someone on the radio complain that Wikipedia wouldn't allow articles about "just anyone down the street." Try doing an entry for the cleaning lady.

Does someone have to live in a big house to have a voice?

Also, just about everyone drives.

We all live in Al Gore's big house, it's our Planet Earth.

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