Sunday, February 18, 2007

Viking Biker Rune passed through Bellingham before crossing Canada in winter

Last November, a person named Rune passed through Bellingham on his way around the world. Traveling by bicycle. He was headed for Canada, to bike across that country in the winter.

Yes, the
WINTER. Rune's home country is Norway.

By now, he is crossing prairie provinces and one can follow the trip on his blog, Vikingbiker's Diary. Lots of interesting pictures, Youtube videos and so forth.

An interesting contrast to my kind of cycling. His sleeping bag cost $800, while I lucked out and found mine at the Grocery Outlet (of all places) for $10. Of course, mine is only good in temperatures above 45 F. I only bike tour in the summer. His has to be good in weather down to maybe 30 F. below zero.

I forgot the exact number, but cold.

His kind of biking is more extreme than mine. Not only is he crossing Canada in the winter, he headed north (after crossing the Canadian border) to Prince Rupert, BC. before starting his eastward trek across the country.

Wanted to get even farther north, I guess.

His dramatic trip is generating a lot of media coverage; newspapers, TV and radio stations. In the media, he often says he wants to see the world now. See the world now because after one gets married, one basically stops doing things like this.

I guess that would be "going from one extreme to another." "World traveler" to "nester."

As for me, I prefer more moderate cycling. One or two month "summer vacation" trips while keeping my job and rented room, here in town. I've been across the USA, but only in the summer. I'm not planning to marry, but have met bike tourists who do travel as a couple. Others leave their spouses at home while doing a tour. For moderate trips at least.

I've done nothing as extreme as biking around the world or crossing Canada in the winter, but bike touring remains a part of my lifestyle; year after year.

Everyone is different.

Rune is having a great time and it's fun to follow his progress on the web. One of his Youtube videos with snow blowing across the road is quite memorable.

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