Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Christian Immigration Dilemma (some other religions too)

"Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue the immigration office."

One liner for a cartoon I thought of, but I'm not very good at drawing pictures.

People seem to ignore population growth as an issue behind so many topics, such as immigration. More could be done to slow population growth, but after people are born, it's best to just accommodate us (including my generation of native born "post war baby boomers"). They say us baby boomers will need immigration to pay our Social Security. America has always been a nation of immigrants, it's just that world population keeps growing. One baby boom begets another.

Years ago, water used to flow from the US to Mexico, in the form of the Colorado River. Now I hear it's all spoken for. All, but merely a trickle is spoken for before reaching the Gulf of California in Mexico.

Oil is next. Oil may not be able to flow north from Mexico to USA for long. I read that growth on the Mexican side of the border will tap that entire supply for Mexico's domestic economy.

Our world is reaching Peak Oil. It's having to find (hopefully) better alternatives. All these things flow together for me. Alternative lifestyles, alternative transportation. We're getting more crowded so we must innovate and also curb our procreation.

A contractor calls KUOW's Conversation show on the topic of immigration. Mentions people building houses with views and then complaining when more houses are built that block, or alter part of the view. Says, everyone wants to be, "the last one in."

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