Friday, November 30, 2007

Living in nature is kind of a dream

Maybe it's better to live in a mostly artificial environment and then preserve large tracts of nature in open spaces.

Publicly owned open spaces.

This big tree was nice, but they cut it down. They must have worried that it would come down in a windstorm. Houses and large trees don't often mix and usually the houses win. I wouldn't want a tree crashing into my bedroom either.

Still it's kind of sad to see a big old tree go. I walk in this neighborhood quite often.

Maybe there are ways to prune so the tree is less of a hazard, but often people just take them out. Take off the limbs and then chop up the trunk into small pieces; firewood.

In the dry hills of California, houses and dry brush don't mix either. Still reading about southern California fires.

Here, it's the wind. Tall trees can make people nervous even though they look nice.

It's important to have publicly owned forest land that's only a bike ride away. Land that isn't full of houses.

Dwelling units should be clustered. My soapbox for density in planning. Rather than trying to live in mostly unmanaged nature, it's more realistic to just visit there.

Preserve public open space and cluster the development. It might mean one is not following the dream of living in nature, but one can still visit there.

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