Thursday, November 15, 2007

New crosswalks along East Holly Street in Bellingham

This one at Holly and Forest. More Yuppifying the city? At least this gives walking more appeal. Walking is a good thing to promote.

Fancier streetlights and stoplights replacing the old standards at Holly and Forest in Bellingham. It's okay, even though a lot of improvements are mostly appearance. A similar emphasis on appearance takes place in private enterprise. Think about store fronts and advertising. How about people who are into fashion? Eventually the old gray pole will be removed, I assume. Pragmatic conservatives might ask, "what's the matter with the old standard?"

Link added, summer 2012.

Crosswalks starting to wear out. Maybe rainbow crosswalks, like in Vancouver, BC at Denman and Davie Streets are better?


Anne-Marie said...

I noticed that some of the crosswalks are already starting to get gray where tires are continually going over them. They look really nice but I wonder about their functionality?

Theslowlane Robert Ashworth said...

I notice the tire marks and dirt also (like in above comment) on crosswalks, but it seems like that dirt washes away during a rain storm. Also the street sweeper helps.