Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The wind was fun

It's fall again and time for exciting wind storms. Media made our recent wind sound big. It didn't seem that impressive. Just another typical fall storm.

Where I live, no power outages. There were plenty in other areas, mostly in the county. We practically never get outages in this densely populated urban area near downtown Bellingham, WA. Lots of redundant power lines and not too many pesky trees to fall on lines. Pruning helps. Life in the city.

The rain gutter was ripped off one building and wrapped around a power line. Still it didn't seem to hurt the line. It was an insulated "house current" line going into nearby buildings. The gutter made a loop over the line so as not to chafe off the insulation. Almost like it did this on purpose, but this was just how things landed. They closed off the ally as a precaution anyway.

I sometimes miss the power outages we had when I was a kid growing up, but it's sure nice to always have my computer.

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