Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Carbon dioxide being dumped into atmosphere is increasing

We need things like this solar cooker described clear back in 1956.

I read here that the yearly amount of carbon dioxide being dumped into the atmosphere has gone up since 2000.

It's still obvious to me that population growth is a big problem.

One reason for this increase in greenhouse gas emission seems to be more burning of charcoal (I guess for cooking and heating) in parts of Asia and Africa. As oil prices rise, multitudes of folks revert to using charcoal which must be cheaper than oil. It's also dirtier than oil putting more carbon into the atmosphere for the amount of energy produced.

Efforts at energy conservation have stalled in industrialized nations as well. Too many automobiles, for instance. Conservation efforts like home insulation and more efficient engines have squeezed out some savings, but these efforts only go so far.

More people keep needing cars, houses, whatever.

Come on folks.

More people all the time and do we really need cars?

Clear back in 1956 they were talking about solar cookers in India. Parabolic reflectors. Concentrate the sun's heat, rather than burning fuel.

Possibly my favorite film was made clear back in 1956.

Our Mr. Sun.

It showcased a few solar cookers.

That Frank Capra documentary keeps telling it's truth.

Also talked about the problem of population growth; clear back then.

We were talking about solar houses, why haven't we built more?

Even solar cities. Visionaries told of cities glowing in the dark with phosphorescence.

The film is interesting to watch. Lots of tidbits and makes one wonder what opportunities have been lost.

Sure, there are some great things like the Internet that seem visionary and futuristic.

Still, there seems to be a fear of the future.

Population growth is going to force us into embracing visionary change, or else it's turning the whole Earth into a solar cooker.

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