Monday, June 30, 2008

Burning calories instead of carbon

Serendipitously met someone in town who was headed to River Farm near Van Zant, WA. for a concert. Several bands were scheduled to play, there was camping, dancing and so forth.

Nice hot day. Ripe for a bike ride, so I headed that way myself. Yes, I could just go to Lynden or Ferndale to turn around and come back, but why not Van Zandt? Dancing around cute young shirtless guys. Nothing could beat that. Pleasant ride also.

It took 2 hours to bicycle that 23 miles and the breeze was refreshing. I spent about 4 hours at the farm with dancing and even some skinny dipping.

There were a few folks spotted among the gathering that I knew from around town and "Purple Church hippie androgynous dancing."

Rather than camping, I headed back to town that evening with lights blinking all over my bike. Got back by 10:45 to meet up with a friend who wanted to go Saturday night dancing at Rumors. More dancing, different music, different venue. Nice way to round out the day.

The friend who met me at Rumors talked about having driven down to Triangle Recreation Camp, near Seattle. That's America's largest member owned gay resort. Just about everyone at Triangle was sitting in RVs. My friend said it was kind of boring. Like "insular" life in the suburbs. Few tents, no dance or anything bringing people together was planned that weekend.

That was gay pride weekend in Seattle, so I guess most of the action would be down in the city. Nothing was planned for the campground. Hardly a soul walking the trails that day. Inside those big Rvs? Might as well be in the suburbs.

Sitting in the RV watching the DVD.

OK, living in a giant RV might be cheaper than buying a house these days.

Nice to have a dance and something to bring folks together, even if it isn't necessarily a gay campground. River Farm was joyous at least. Kind of funky with some old dumpy looking vans, tents and so forth.

I was one of 2 who bicycled there. There was at least one other.

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