Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back from the beach

Where others have come back from the beach and gutted fish, I've used Internet WIFI and dreamed about the Hadron Collider. More and more resorts are getting WIFI now.

This Asus PC has worked well and has been small enough for my bike pannier.

I'm using Linux.

Click on image to enlarge and see Google front page celebration of Hadron. Also see signs about proper etiquette for cleaning fish in the campground.

This bicycle trip has taken me to Pacific Ocean at Rialto Beach. Today is the much looked forward to start up Hadron collider in Europe. Exploring deeper into the nature of matter and the universe.

In 1999, I was passing through Wenatchee, WA. when the Chandra X-Ray satellite was launched.

2003 saw Spitzer Infrared Observatory launch while I was biking through Marin County, CA.


Last night, around the time of Hadron start up, I dreamed the collider was, for some reason, in Hope, BC. Now there is a big collider at UBC Campus in Vancouver, BC, but the Hadron isn't in the mountains around Hope. It's in Europe under parts of France and Switzerland.

In the dream, I met up with a bunch of other cyclists on the road. I kept talking about the Hadron so the cyclists I just met said, "we're close, let's all go there."

We went down the road and turned off to Hadron, near Hope, BC.

Remember, this is a dream.

Entering a building, there was a big reception lobby filled with tourists. Someone came out from a back office and started explaining things. Then he began berating us for ruining his busy day. He said he felt obligated to show us around.

We wondered what that was about as lobby was full of tourists who just dropped by. Remember, this is only a dream.

So we went outside and the nice day turned to a heavy rain. So heavy that we could see cars hydroplaning on the road and throwing up muddy water on the shoulder. Our stuff was drenched so we had to take refuge inside the lobby again to wait out the rain squall.

About then I woke up. Glad it was just a somewhat unpleasant dream.

Weather has been great on this trip. Sunny except for some overcast on the beach.

I am excitedly awaiting news of new discoveries at Hadron over the next years and no it's not in Hope, BC. where my dream took place. I'm not there either. Nothing wrong with Hope. I do plan to go back to Bellingham via Victoria and Vancouver, BC.

In 1989, I biked to Vancouver and went to an open house at the TRIUMF Particle Physics Lab. It was very interesting and the people were great. Not like my dream.

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