Thursday, October 30, 2008

Consumer confidence

I'd participate in America's pastime more often if the traffic wasn't so bad.

There are clothing bargains at Goodwill, but I let my wardrobe look like nearly rags and procrastinate when it comes to shopping.

Would rather bike up the hills to Lake Padden. Ride around the lake in a glow of autumn color.

Road to Goodwill is paved in traffic with turn lanes and stoplights. Eventually, I'll get there, but Padden offers colorful tranquility.

More obese folks procrastinate their exercise.

I could buy a new digital camera, but that's another road with traffic.

I am distracted with cute clerks who I'd rather see naked in a hot spring.

Forgetting my glasses when I go to a store, the type on camera descriptions is too small.

I'm farsighted.

My $3 reading glasses are handy to this computer, so the excuse of forgotten glasses doesn't work for home shopping. I could bring up some web sites for cameras, but would rather ramble on about my political views, in this blog.

Anyway, the longer I procrastinate, the better digital camera technology gets.

Prices come down, mega pixels increase.

There's no rush.

I don't have a lot of money, but at least I'm not broke.

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