Thursday, November 06, 2008

Family time

Too bad California voted to ban gay marriage again. I'm not a big fan of marriage anyway, but if folks want it, I believe in equality between homo and heterosexual people.

Really, who want's marriage?

Commitment? It may be overrated.

I'll marry thousands of cute guys who pass through my life. My family is a large community. I'm tangent to many.

Most people probably don't know what tangent means.

So to those who oppose gay marriage, how about promiscuity as an alternative? I say this, sort of jokingly.

The Mormon Church was accused of pumping money into California's anti gay marriage initiative. Prop 8, it was called.

I also hear radio ads from the Mormon Church saying spend lots of quality time with the family. If you want a good family, take the time.

That message, I kind of like. Another argument for shorter work weeks?

Who has the time to spend with family? People are too busy working and commuting to support the family.

It's the contradiction of capitalism versus relationships and so called family values.

Speaking of capitalism, I guess the Prop 8 battle cost more money (spent on both sides) than any other race short of the presidency. $80,000,000?

One talk show host said it was a waste of money over semantics.

Money that could have been spent supporting health care access for low income people, food banks or something. I favor gay marriage.


Anonymous said...

Call it marriage, union or any other word you wish, but equal rights is what I want. After loosing my job with Georgia Pacific I realized just how important the right to marry is. Even though I considered myself married (committed) to my partner of 12 years we are a same sex couple and can not legally marry. After 10 years of requesting that my medical coverage be extended to my spouse Georgia Pacific finally included her. Unfortunately when the mill closed I was not able to purchase COBRA coverage for her because we were not legally married. Even though she was covered for 2 full years at the expense of the company, when the mill closed she was excluded from my COBRA plan, which I pay 100% of, because we are not legally married. When I contacted GP corporate their response was they did not have allow Alana to be on my COBRA because we are not legally married. You tell me does that make since? In addition the Trade Act program (re-training) was extended to spouses of employees, my "spouse" was excluded because we are not legally married.
My step son is in college, and I can not take a loan from my 401K (without huge penalties) to help him finish school, because I am not legally married to his mother.
I don't think anyone who doesn't believe in marriage should get married. But those that do and want the benifits of "legal marriage" should be given that right.

Theslowlane Robert Ashworth said...

Good comment. I agree and I favor equality for gay marriage even though marriage isn't for everyone.