Sunday, January 18, 2009

Did Obama train ride into Washington DC cross Thomas Viaduct?

It must have, but I haven't seen for sure. Momentous moment in history if it did.

Thomas Viaduct was built in the 1830s for B&O Railroad.

Back in the days when stone was still king in construction.

Viaduct has had a long history and is still in use today. Located at Relay, MD.

Someone I know is interested in railroad history and told me about the viaduct. I've never seen it myself. Or maybe I did go over it in 2nd grade when my family took the train to Washington DC.

Much of US history is also the history of technology.

In the beginnings, like Roman times, a great nation built with stone.

Steel came along later; the steel bridges and skyscrapers we experience today.

Composite fiber is becoming more common as time goes on. Boeing aircraft is even working on their "Dreamliner" made from fiber; basically.

And then there's fiber optic cable. Knitting the world together through the Internet.

History keeps adding new chapters. I'm glad Obama chose to arrive by train. The train is a neat way to go. January 20 is almost here.

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