Saturday, January 31, 2009

Interesting bike racks at north side Bellingham Food Co-op

Bike racks made from old bike parts. Frames, gears, rims. They add an artistic touch to the Bellingham Food Co-op's north side store.

The north side store is new also. One could say it's "Bellingham Food Co-op version 2," borrowing lingo from computer software. Version 2.

Neighborhood is full of sprawl and traffic, but I find a way out there by riding out Eldridge, Marine and Bennett to Bakerview. Then into Cordota that way.

I'm more apt to use the downtown Co-op, but it's interesting to check out the new location.

Downtown has a similar bike rack now. It's purple.
Link added april 6 2010.

Another kind of bike rack. This one at WWU campus.

Picture taken standing under the cover of a big new bike rack at Western Washington University.

Yes, I'm still boasting about bicycle things. Bicycling is a way to address so many of our economic problems from high health care costs to trade imbalances due to oil imports.

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