Friday, January 30, 2009

Problem of the settlements 60 minutes eye opener

I haven't realized how serious that problem is until watching this segment of 60 minutes on the Israel Palestine issue, January 26 2009.

Looks like there are so many Israeli settlements on the Palestinian West Bank that a Palestinian state wouldn't be viable. A network of security roads and checkpoints connect the settlements that are scattered all over the West Bank so the whole area is divided up to where mobility and commerce is nearly impossible.

It was an eye opener to see that segment of 60 Minutes which a friend of mine linked to from his Facebook presence. I don't have a TV, myself, but can watch the video clip on my computer.

In the past, I have had some sympathy for the plight of the Israelis, but it looks like the intransigence of those Israeli settlers on the West Bank is threatening to ruin the entire situation. Intransigence is usually bad where ever it rears it's head. Intransigence based on religion, what ever religion is involved, can be ugly.

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