Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last paper edition of Seattle PI came out today

I'm thinking about a funny ad I heard on the radio many years ago.

Television and newspaper are debating when television says, "you can't change channels on the newspaper."

Newspaper counters with, "ya, but you can't line the bottom of a bird cage with television."

Radio enters saying, "interesting debate;" like interesting debate you guys are having.

Radio ends up the victor since this ad is for radio advertising, versus television or newspaper.

Ad was before "Internet," or at least Internet being widespread.

The world keeps changing.

Hopefully, society will figure out a good mechanism to pay for journalism in the Internet age. Investigative reporting, fact checking, research and all the kind of stuff that's sometimes mundane, but needs to find an economic home.

The Internet has certainly been a boom for expressing opinion and increasing access to community discussion. With so many new things, it takes a while for business practices and mindsets to catch up.

Hope the on-line PI succeeds even though it has a much smaller paid staff.

It certainly is a golden age for interactive media at least.

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