Saturday, November 21, 2009

Water on the moon

Possibly good news for future space missions to use. Easier than carrying it up there.

Maybe it's too spread out and hard to extract, but at least it's there.

Also has science value. Core sampling in some very old ice. Learn more about the history of the solar system?

Also in the news.

Large Hadron Collider in Europe has successfully sent a proton stream around it's entire circumference. Another step toward the high energy collisions between protons that will teach us more about matter, space, time and other cosmic questions.

One justification for science. It's a jobs program for intellectuals.

I've noticed that the local job market seems to be over saturated with college educated folks. Many work as waiters around here, for instance.

Nothing wrong with a simple life. Not everyone has to be in a big field, so to speak, but it does seem like there is a glut of educated people out there.

Better to ask cosmic questions than make bombs with that unused talent pool.

We need more science projects to employ the flood of educated people pouring out of schools these days. Pouring out into economies dominated by places like Walmart.

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