Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Looking at the sun with our new eyes

Today was what they call "first light" for a huge new observatory that's looking at the sun with ten times the resolution of high definition TV.

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This video is fun to watch and the guy's cute also.

Here's a BBC news report.

I've been following SDO since it's launch in February.

Most people take the sun for granted, but it's quite something.

Just think, the Earth only gets a tiny fraction of the sun's energy. We're like a gnat just intercepting a tiny fraction. Most of that energy just pours out into space in all directions from the sun. Accountants would be horrified. All that energy going to waste. At least it isn't entering our defenition of "being employed" if it doesn't reach Earth.

There's certainly a lot of abundance coming from the sun. Most of it just radiating out into the vastness of space.

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