Saturday, June 19, 2010

Naked carbon

World Naked Bike Ride happened in Bellingham again for 2010 protesting dependency on fossil fuels. Coincidence brought this coal train through town as the riders were leaving Boulevard Park.

Looks like a heavy load of carbon headed to the atmosphere, but it's just less covered than oil dressed in a pipeline.

At least we still have lots of domestic coal here in USA. Some have called us the Saudi Arabia of coal. I hear these trains export coal through a port in Canada. Coal bound for Asia.

Ideally, world economies should strive toward less fossil fuel dependence. Bicycling is one of many fun alternatives that can reduce oil dependence. See my image set of Bellingham's World Naked Bike Rides. 2009 to most recent.

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Anonymous said...

Don't have a Flickr account, so didn't get to see nudity, no big deal. Pix I did see are excellent, & get the point across. I was just mentioning the other day that big corporations like BP won't be put out of business by leaks or government controls, but by one person at a time doing their part to improve ecology (like riding bikes). Pretty soon all those "one person[s]" add up, and change happens.