Sunday, April 10, 2011

Accident involving bike rack on bus

I think the bike was okay, but rack was a bit crumpled. Accident happened April 8th on corner of Magnolia and Cornwall. I was standing there, actually hugging someone at the time and heard a crash in the street behind me. Bellingham Peace Vigil was taking place at corner of Magnolia and Cornwall. Looked like no one was hurt. Damage mostly to the bus's bike rack and the truck.

The rack worked kind of like a cushion.

Article in Western Front.

I brushed out licence plate number to protect privacy of whoever was driving that truck. Just something I thought of doing while uploading this. I took this picture after bike was removed from bus.

I'm glad I'm in the slow lane. Accidents not impossible, but less likely to happen. Still good to be watchful. So far, so good for me.

Contrasting experiences, from the rat race of the street to the peace vigil on the sidewalks.

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