Saturday, May 28, 2011

World Naked Bike Ride in Bellingham, WA. for 2011

Zack, pictured above, organizing another ride for Saturday, June 11 2011 12:30 PM. Phone above number for details and starting location. Starts at Bellingham Alternative Library, that house at 717 N. Forest. Bare as you dare, clothing optional. Nude or just partially clothed, it's up to you and also if police allow it this year. Last year they did, but year before that, it was a compromise and a new concept for Bellingham.

Update June 18

Smile, you'll be on camera. There's lots of cameras among the cyclists and along the route. People come out to watch. It's a good time. Hope the weather cooperates. Ride usually goes through downtown and ends in Fairhaven District.

Zack's pictured above with his more nude image along with Stepha on his stenciled shirt.

I go along for the ride also. Usually, it's a fairly large turnout.

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