Monday, June 13, 2011

After the fun ride

Some hours after our local WNBR ride went through, I found this chalk drawing on Taylor Dock. The ride was naked and partially naked.

I found this drawing later that afternoon when I was coming back from Lake Padden where I washed some of my paint off in the water. Or maybe it was later that evening coming back from an art opening in Fairhaven. There was a lot to go to that day. Then I went dancing that night. Saturday was quite the day zipping around on my bike.

Eventually I plan to share a few of the images I got from the local WNBR ride. It was a protest against global warming and things like that, but for me it was also fun and erotic. Living a low carbon footprint has to be fun for it to stick.

Part of the appeal, of course, was that I know a lot of the people involved. This also means that I'm not likely to share quite a few of the pictures because I see those same folks around town quite a bit. Knowing the people, even somewhat remotely makes a difference. It's like they are my family, even though really extended family. The family of humankind, but close enough that hardly a few days go by without one of their smiles.

Who knows, 20 years from now some of these folks might want to run for Congress. Would they want images to surface?

I do plan to share some of the experiences when I get things organized. So far, from sharing a bit during past years, everything's been cool.

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Anonymous said...

One thing to remember is that when people go out into a public space, dressed in such a way as to attract attention, taking part in an event which is designed by it's very
nature to be photographed by members of the public, and by the usually
explictly invited media too, any spurious "right to privacy" has been waived a long time since. The idea behind the WNBR is to attract attention, and to attract media attention, and to attract lots of it.