Monday, March 05, 2012

Less Rush Limbaugh, more diversity in radio

I'm kind of glad to see yet another scandal rock the Rush Limbaugh empire. Not that I'm against free speech, but there are some areas of the country where it seems like Rush Limbaugh is the only thing on the radio. Thank goodness for the Iphone which can bring more diversity in radio to any spot within cellphone range. The days are declining when pretty much all of the stations one could get in some rural areas would simulcasted the same thing. Either Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Savage Nation.

Repeat, repeat, repeat, or maybe country and western music with a few fire and brimstone preachers to toss in the mix.

Locally originated programming? Forget it. Doesn't pay the bills.

Okay, NPR has relays covering much of those areas also, but most of radio has been pretty monotone.

Calling someone who testifies before Congress a slut and even suggesting she make videos for the taxpayers gets noticed. Unfortunately, in an era with a lot of background noise, the sensational is what's heard.

The mighty empire must be fed. Propping up the big voice on commercial radio, but it can overreach. Hard to know where to draw the lines.

Takes a big and voice to be on at all, when access to the airwaves is limited and expensive. Sensationalism is often used to prop up the ratings. Hopefully there can be more voices and smaller voices in a more diverse age of internet based radio.

Move over Rush Limbaugh, especially with the Iphone and the internet, more voices can be heard.

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Theslowlane Robert Ashworth said...

Someone in my Facebook friends list posted this Miami Herald article to his wall. Similar to my take on the declining Rush Limbaugh Empire in the age of the internet.