Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Canadians at Bellingham Costco? Anyone can be a monster when reduced to the level of consumer

I avoid shopping environments where people can be reduced to consuming pigs, but I'm glad for the sales tax revenue these places provide to help pay for our parks and bike paths. Something is wrong with society where shopping is such a major pass time. In a better context, like a more relaxed setting in the park, I enjoy meeting Canadians and other folks. They are really nice people, or basically not that much different than Americans. Where there is time to enjoy good conversation, I enjoy the people I meet. Parks, bike paths and discussion groups. That's where I hang out. I only shop when necessary.

The controversy over that guy's Facebook page about Canadians crowding our Costco has heated up in the national media, both sides of the border. Now I read that he has taken the page down and doesn't want to stir up too much.

I enjoy Canadians a lot. Biking up to Canada a few weekends ago, I connected with some groups around the Gay Pride Parade. Good conversations. I wasn't shopping. I went to something called Faerie Coffee, for instance. I don't drink coffee, but do enjoy savoring a chocolate milk. Enjoying people in a relaxed context.

Back in Bellingham, I've never had occasion to set foot in Costco. Being single and not "family oriented" there is little advantage for me to shop in bulk. I don't consume that much. Also Costco shoppers are members of Costco. No point in me getting a membership since I don't buy in bulk. Also it's located in the part of town I seldom venture into. The sprawl and traffic of Cordata and Meridian north of I 5.

A CBC TV news story about crowding at our Costco.

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