Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lynch mobs are at it again in some of the Middle East

Innocent people die just because some bigoted people in the US made a bad video. The killing mobs are basically lynch mobs. It's all stupid. The video, the mobs and all the conflict in the name of religion.

Then Presidential candidate Mitt Romney put his foot in his mouth as well. I'm kind of glad about that as it may help him loose the election.

You've probably read about the Romney issue already. Romney accuses Obama of being weak since he thinks Obama criticized the video on first opportunity after the killings in Libya. Actually, as you've probably already read, staff at the US embassy in Egypt (I think) put out a criticism of that crummy video, before the killings and not involving the White House. I guess they were supposed to clear all statements with the White House, but they didn't. Still one has a right to say it's a bad video. Obama and any private citizen has that right. Maybe the embassy staff doesn't officially have that right due to the job description, but that's organizational protocol versus citizen rights.

I haven't seen the video in question, but I guess it's pretty negative; like trying to offend Mormons by putting the Book Of Mormon in urine, for instance.

Romney is Mormon.

While there is freedom of speech, freedom also means one can criticize such videos. Nothing wrong with Obama weighing in on the topic, if he so chooses.

I guess Romney is upset because the White House isn't rushing to defend a crummy video? Of course, crummy is a matter of opinion, for the most part. It's all part of free speech, but Romney looks kind of foolish now. He does have the right to put his foot in his mouth also.

Obama looks pretty good at the moment, at least. Cool heads and moderation seems the best course. Not judging everyone who happens to live in a particular country with the same brush whether that country be the USA or a country where the majority of people practice Islam. There are moderate, sensible people who practice Islam as well as Christianity and other religions.

Seems like it's the hot headed and mostly the fundamentalist folks that we have to worry about in any religion.

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