Wednesday, March 13, 2013

County Council approves Reconveyance

County Council approves Reconveyance for quite a bit of land around Lake Whatcom. It goes from state timber lands to county park and watershed preservation. Hurray.

Article in Herald.

I added my own photo for this blog entry.

Also, I'll add some things I heard on The Joe Teehan show. These lands used to be managed by County, but management was given over to state, back (I think) in 1930s. Now county is assuming management again. State used land for DNR (Department Of Natural Resources) timber management which helped fund Mount Baker School District, but an anonymous donor has stepped forward to cover much of that revenue stream if reconveyance was approved.

Also, there can still be some timber from the new parklands, very carefully managed. Several years ago, I read an article about careful logging that still takes place in Seattle watershed forests. Part of forest management.

So Whatcom County has a new park which will help preserve Lake Whatcom water and will be low maintenance cost. Good move.

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