Friday, October 12, 2018

A faerie networking site that I just learned about

I recently found out that there's a new social networking alternative for folks who consider themselves associated with the Radical Faeries. A faerie version of Facebook. Sounds interesting. I've signed up, but haven't posted anything yet. Plan to in the near future. The faeries are a brand, for lack of a better term, of gay people. I sometimes say it's a cross between hippie and gay, but that may not be the best definition. The networking site has interesting potential.

On another note, I should be using the word "momentum" rather than "inertia" to describe the networking effect that keeps Facebook on top of the game, so to speak. I still use and like Facebook, but people often wonder why one company so dominates the market. It's one of the aspects of the internet, I guess. People tend to flock to the one big "household" name. Google for search, Facebook for social networking.

It's the momentum of so many people on board each giving it their push. Once momentum gets started, it's harder to stop or change; thus comes the concept of inertia.

In the olden days, before internet, people were more divided by region so different businesses served their regions. Today there is less of that kind of market friction so it's easier for one household name to dominate the world market. The term household name apples to a brand that's well known; like for instance, Sears.

Sears, a household name for many decades. Interesting to note that Sears is now in the news related to bankruptcy. Things still do change.

The word "household" is interesting as things on the internet can be accessed from the home. Little, or no regional friction. A brand available worldwide. Household, literally in the home.

Maybe time for me to leave the computer screen and go outside. It's a nice autumn day.

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