Monday, June 15, 2020

Slightly erotic dream about going back to work

Being laid off from my custodial job due to the COVID-19 situation, I had a dream about being called back to work.

In the dream, I got an email from my boss inviting me to come to work part time as the company is getting ready for a partial reopening. Since I'm past 60 years of age, my boss wanted to protect my safety by having me work in an area of the building that is quite isolated from other workers. I was a bit worried about feeling isolated, due to age, but came into work anyway.

Many rooms, in the building, are quite large. It's a fitness center. Quite a few of my coworkers are very young and attractive; like 20 somethings. I get along with them quite well.

In the dream, I started to clean some baseboards and carpet edges in a large gymnasium; giving it that extra polish. One of my coworkers was in the same space, but a good 30 feet distance; a safe for COVID-19 fantasy. He was up on a ladder dusting some ceiling fans. As he was reaching up, his loose fitting pants were coming down revealing his firm, slim body all the way down to the pubic hair.

I was secretly turned on just watching as I am somewhat of a voyeur who is attracted to the shape of the body more than the genitalia. I'm a voyeur who goes for mild nudity along with good conversation. All things that can easily be done from more than 6 feet separation.

After around an hour of that pleasure, I realized that I had forgotten to punch into work on the time clock. Just then, some other folks came into the room along with my boss. I mentioned that I had forgotten to punch in and my boss said, "don't worry." "Just send me an email with your hours and I'll put it into the payroll for you."

Then he said to everyone, "you might as well all go home as we were going to do some painting." "The paint hasn't arrived yet." "We'll call you back when we think of more projects since the place still isn't opening for a while."

He then said, "have a nice summer."

It felt like it was the last day of school before that long awaited summer vacation. Back when I was in public school, the last day of school was called "Play Day."

At the end of the dream, I walked out of the building into a beautiful sunny day. I was looking forward to a different kind of a "summer vacation." Retirement.

I was looking forward to going on Social Security and Medicare. Looking forward to working part time for work / life balance and doing more bicycle tours; like I've always done during vacation times.

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