Saturday, January 09, 2021

Unintended consequences. Seattle's anti police Chop Zone helped Republicans while Wednesday's right wing rebellion at the US Capitol helped Democrats.

Some people, on the right on talk shows and so forth, have kept asking why folks weren't that upset about the violence last summer in Portland, Oregon.

People were upset about that. I would even speculate that those situations, like the Chop Zone in Seattle, could have led to the vote adding more Republicans to the US House of Representatives in the same 2020 election that Joe Biden won.

By far, from what I understand, most of the protesters were peaceful, but there was the violence.

Wednesday's right wing violence at the US Capitol will have the opposite effect. Republicans now more boldly denouncing Trump. Many Senators, who were questioning the election results, dropping plans to continue pushing that objection.

A lot of public officials, including some Trump administration staff, seriously discussing use of the 25th amendment to remove the president from power due to inability to govern, mental illness being discussed.

Looks like Trump's been really going off the rails in recent days and this could have contributed to Democratic Senators winning in the Georgia runoff elections. The margins were slim so something like this could have tipped the scale.

Personally, I'm happy that the Democrats will now be able to remove McConnell as Senate majority leader, but I, admittedly, do lean toward the Democrats.

McConnell's recent speech on the Senate floor, after the capitol was able to resume proceedings on Wednesday, was pretty good, however.

Wednesday was a very bazar day.

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