Friday, February 12, 2021

If the rich aren't paying enough taxes, they will pay through the hidden tax of inflation

I guess, some of the super wealthy have too much money that they can't use so they have to park the money.

Maybe they can't use it to build a business? For some reason, many of them don't seem to be doing this. Regulation? Lack of market? Most likely lack of imagination. Also risk adverse personalities.

Anyway, they hoard money. Some of them tend to hate taxes.

Now that America looks like it will crumble without big spending our way out of the pandemic, the practice of Quantitative Easing will accelerate.

One way, or another, the rich will pay; probably through the hidden hand of inflation due to, basically, "printed money." Really just numbers in computers these days.

Be careful of your monetary expectations for the future. The future, however, can still look bright.

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