Friday, February 12, 2021

About my writing

Some people talk about an addiction to Facebook. I think (looking at my situation more broadly) I'm addicted to writing.

Maybe that's a good thing, but it's all about circumstance and a matter of opinion.

I do like to write to various outlets including; even personal email. I also like writing for the Betty Pages, my other blogs (outside of Facebook) and the captions I use with photos on Flickr.

Facebook seems to bring the most engagement and feedback.

Flickr brings raw numbers. Over the years, I am approaching 5 million clicks. Pageviews, but not a huge number of comments.

Admittedly my most "popular" pictures on Flickr (maybe accounting for 2/3rds of the pageviews are from years ago when there were lots of cameras at the paint party before the naked bike ride. One of the cameras, in those early days of the ride, was mine.

Out of around 6,000 photos I have on Flickr, only around 230 are from the naked ride yet they account for the bulk of the hit count. These are accessible to people who set their Flickr preferences to "adult."

Other photos are mostly from bicycle travel around town and in other regions.

Captions bring pageviews as the non adult pages are searchable in Google. These pages bring the most comments on Flickr, but no where near as much engagement, on a daily basis, as Facebook.

Many of my Flickr photos are in the WIKI as well as I put them under Creative Commons license.

The things I have online are basically stored in the cloud. Quite a few people store data in the cloud for backup. My cloud storage is open for the public to brows.

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