Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Even in a world of zero population growth, some areas would still grow; areas where people want to live.

Some folks worry about declining population. Populations are shrinking in some countries, like Russia. It's still growing worldwide, but growth is slowing.

Less population would be desirable. There would be some adjustments to make in our current economic system that relies on growth of consumption.

Even in a world of no growth, some areas would still grow; areas where people want to live. There are many parts of the world that people are desperately trying to get out of.

Here in Bellingham, there is quite a bit of vibrancy related to people wanting to live here. New grade schools being built. I see cranes for a big grade school upgrade out my window. Sunnyland School.

Immigration to USA is said to have slowed significantly in the last year. This ought to calm the wall building fears of Republicans, but I'm not holding my breath.

Even with immigration slowed, I would guess that for every immigrant, who comes to USA either legally or illegally, there are many more who's dream it is to come to America.

Many more who dream of coming to Canada, certain European nations and Australia as well.

I doubt very many people wish to go to Putin's Russia.

There was recent news about someone who snuck into North Korea. Probably someone out of their mind.

Much of Bellingham's continued population growth comes from migration from other parts of USA, rather than immigration to USA which, at least temporarily, is said to be slowing down.

If the world weren't overwhelmed with population, various regions and nations could compete on the grounds of being good places to live. They would compete for attracting new residents and vibrancy.

It could mean that the good places to live would be in the ascendency. Good news for democracies and places that respect human rights.

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