Wednesday, March 23, 2022

This over populated world's population growth could be stalling soon, well shy of the 10 billion predicted due to increasing famine and Russia's war in Ukraine

I am beginning to think that world population may not reach the 10 or 11 billion projected by 2050. Increasing starvation, due to climate change and other factors; most notably due to the folly of war between Russia and Ukraine, are predicted to take their tolls.

Ukraine and Russia have both been large wheat producers growing much of the food used, especially in countries like Egypt and Sudan; according to a recent article in New York Times. Recent flooding in China has harmed crops.

There is an irony in the conservative theology of Russia that passed anti gay propaganda laws to supposedly protect children. Many children are now dying in the war.

Unlike most of this crowded world, Russia has been loosing population while taking measures to try and increase childbirth in that country.

Ironically, there is now a mass migration of people trying to escape the war in Ukraine and the strict crackdown on freedom of information in Russia.

Countries in Europe, plus USA and a few others, are worried about more and more refugees that are knocking at our doors. In some cases, the refugees are the more creative, "think outside the box" folks who are escaping more strict and stifling societies.

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