Sunday, March 20, 2022

Thoughts about my presence on the web. Flickr's new and more open policy is likely a good idea.

My mind is always bubbling with ideas. Sometimes I try to hold back on posting to Facebook as I'm sure folks can be made weary from information overload.

I think people's general weariness to news can cause less likes and responses.

This, amplified by algorithms that try to decipher and filter for what types of posts folks are engaging with.

Still, I hope that my mood isn't too dependent on the likes of Facebook. It's still good and therapeutic to share. Good for archival use as well; especially things on my blog and Flickr.

On Facebook, there is a search function. Years ago, it was called "Graph Search;" for some reason. I don't think personal walls on Facebook, get to Google due to the "walled garden" effect. Google bots are said not to enter if content is not on the open web.

Things on my Blog and Flickr are available to the Google search bots, but they are sometimes buried deep down in the listings.

Flickr's new terms of service seems like a good idea

Besides Facebook and my blog, I use Flickr. Recent changes that are planned for their Terms of Service seem reasonable. Something to think about in terms of alternatives to Facebook.

As I understand, Flickr plans to limit the number of photos that non subscribing users can set to private only viewing. Photos totally available to the public are more welcomed.

I think folks who wish to find alternatives to Facebook ought to think about this strategy. Part of the reason why alternatives to Facebook don't get off the ground is that content behind privacy or "friend only" walls are not available to new users. This means if the new platforms don't have the momentum of all your friends being there, it's hard to get things started.

The more public content of Flickr is easier to find and it does come up in Google Search as well.

Paid subscribers, to Flickr, can still post more private content if they wish, but public content is what helps a platform bring in users.

There is also quite a bit of nudity on Flickr which admittedly I enjoy. Photos of naked bike rides and so forth. This too is restricted to "age appropriate" audience. The number of "restricted" photos, in this category that can be posted by non paid users, will also be limited. The platform is still welcoming to nudity, however.

I am a paid user anyway. Yearly dues are quite reasonable.

Even though I am a paid user, most of my content is totally open except for some "adult" photos related to the local naked bike ride.

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