Friday, December 30, 2022

Maybe the Soviet Union broke up a bit too quickly?

For much of my early life, the Soviet Union was a major factor; like an unmovable mountain.

Turns out it lasted less than the lifespan of the average American, I guess. Officially founded December 30 1922; though the Red Revolution was 1917.

Much of my childhood, as well as early adulthood, was in it's shadow, though I was in USA. USSR's shadow was felt around the world.

1991 marks the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

I think attempts to bring more openness, in that society, was encouraging, but things may have split up too quickly. The resulting destabilization was problematic as we are seeing today.

Maybe the Republics, of the former Soviet Union, should have stayed together a bit longer to let the reforms take hold more gradually.

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