Monday, February 13, 2023

Some Republicans realizing their policies are not very family friendly.

An article, from February 10, 2023 New York Times, caught my eye.
In Post-Roe World, These Conservatives Embrace a New Kind of Welfare.

Yes, the irony of the "family values" party embracing past economic policies that have not been very nuturing to kids and families.

A bit more of my own thinking below.

As the percent of our population, that is child free, keeps growing, I often think we can embrace child free and even single lifestyles. My idea might, in part, be like a coping strategy to live in an economy that seems less and less family friendly anyway. Much of this, I place on the priorities that have evolved in our free market economy; thus exacerbated by Libertarian and Republican policies.

It's not that I dislike children. The world does face over population, but children are our future. A livable world is the best gift we can give to future generations and single people can contribute to that by being good citizens.

There is also quite a bit of talk about shifting demographics as the population of older folks rises higher compared to young folks ready for the workforce. Yes, programs like Social Security need large numbers of young workers to pay into the system. In USA, much of that can be accomplished through immigration. Seems like there is no shortage of people wanting to move to USA.

I believe in quality versus, just quantity, when it comes to raising future generations. It's true that many of the outcomes of Republican economics have not been that nurturing to children.

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