Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Though moderately to the left, most of my views are still buying into mainstream society.

Though moderately to the left, most of my views are buying into mainstream society; for instance what's considered mainstream medicine. I'm not super anti business or anti government. I tend to believe what's usually thought of as mainstream science.

Where I am different is in some lifestyle choices. Not driving, for instance. That's a big one. Another difference is that I seem to have no, or little, desire to be in a "relationship." I'm not the marrying type. Here are some other differences as well. I have no television even though I do watch videos; mostly on YouTube. I have no need for extra subscriptions to things like Netflix. I have little interest in movies, or sports.

I am somewhat of a minimalist in the ownership of possessions. I have little interest in fashion, which may go with my lack of interest in relationships. People are often judged, in the dating world, by their clothing and other superficial things.

The jobs I have had were lower prestige, lower pay and lower stress.

Money seems less important to me. I balance the allure of money with other things like having more free time or a low stress situation.

For most of my career, I put in a bit less than 8 hours per day. Much of my early career, I worked part time; like a 25 hour week. Back then, rent was low and no car or family needs made that workable. I have no pets. That makes life less complicated and expensive as well.

As for healthcare, most of my regular doctors have been fans of healthy living, versus using medicine, but if medicine is needed, mainstream science is called for.

Much of my time I spend in conversation and contemplation, which are often thought of, in this society, as unproductive. Conversation may not accomplish much. There's the phrase "talk is cheap." It may not accomplish much compared to the "shopping, working" cycle.

Conversation and contemplation may not accomplish much compared to raising a family or building a business, but I am drawn to it anyway.

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