Saturday, June 07, 2008

Population problem more noticeable now

Population, in far parts of the world, isn't that noticeable to wealthy countries as long as most of the world's people remain poor and don't drive.

World population is more noticeable, now that more of the world is driving.

Price of oil is going up.

I ride a bicycle. Last time I bought gas was for a lawnmower when I had a lawn mowing job for an old lady who called me her "yard boy."

Some of my neighbors, here in USA, who drive, are now saying they may join me in my lifestyle.

Maybe overpopulation is good if it gets more people in USA to live like me.

Still, I think world population growth needs to be slowed down; especially as so many people wish to drive.

Back in the 1970s, my thinking was influenced by an organization called the World Watch Institute.

Come to think about it, that may have been when I had that lawn mowing job.

World Watch came out with a landmark paper linking feminism, population and the environment.

I was in college back then.

Still haven't shed my Bohemian lifestyle. I was never a "party animal," if that's what people think of when the word Bohemian comes up, however.

Today, I'm still "child free" and live in a room that's not much larger than my college dorm room was.

Now, I am glad to see another book come out from World Watch linking population, feminism and environmental issues. A more recent book which can add new energy to the discussion.

The book was featured May 29 on NPR's Talk Of The Nation Science Friday show.

Let's do the time warp again, only this time, pay attention.

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