Friday, May 06, 2011

Point Whitehorn on a relaxing afternoon

Like a Sunday drive, only it was a Saturday bike ride to Point Whitehorn on a beautiful day. Rising gas prices don't effect me, except maybe a few cents rise in the cost of chocolate milk.

Point Whitehorn is up near BP oil refinery in Whatcom County. Maybe 15 miles from Bellingham. Up above is the Point Whitehorn Road which is blocked to cars and beautiful for bikes. From there, the bluff is too steep to access the beach, so last Saturday I decided to go on to the beach. It's accessible on a trail that takes off from the end of Grandview Road. Grandview bends and turns into Koehn Road for a short way into the trail head parking lot. First part of the trail is flat and seems okay to bike until a sign says "hiking only" toward the end where it's steep just before the beach.

Zooming in on tanker ship at BP oil refinery dock.

On my way out, I took Slater, Lake Terrell and Kickerville Roads. Coming back I went through Ferndale and had a nice tuna sandwich.

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