Friday, August 26, 2011

There's WIFI on a moving train

I am on the Amtrak Cascades headed north at the end of my 2011 bicycle tour. Biked to Eugene and McKenzie Valley area of Oregon from Bellingham. Then biked back as far as Portland where I spent a day and got ready to take the train back to Bellingham. Now using WIFI on train, but soon to sign off and look out the window.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert
My friend and I had a late conversation with you at the Fairhaven train station on Fri. eve. Just before you left to cycle home ( well after midnight)you mentioned your email address and we made the connection! We had downloaded your route to Seattle before the trip and had followed quite a bit of it. We loved the choice of quiet back roads and trails. The scenery was breathtaking. Thank you so much for enriching our trip!

Theslowlane Robert Ashworth said...

Good to hear from you. Glad to meet you and glad that before we met, my site made a positive influence on your trip.